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Historic Woodford

Click here to view a selection of photo’s taken whilst we were based in Woodford.

Woodford 50th Anniversary 15th June 2013

Below are a selection of photo’s taken at the Woodford 50th anniversary event.


An Open Letter to the Members of the Old Ignatian Association – August 2013

We are writing this letter to all Association members to express our appreciation and deep thanks for the event at the Loyola Clubhouse, Enfield, on 15th June.

The idea, the organisation and the turn-out of so many Ignatians, wives and girlfriends was truly astonishing and made it a very special occasion. Arthur Stacey was heard to say that the spirit of Woodford was evident on that day: and so it was, the same spirit which enabled the ‘Woodford Project’ to succeed. Our names are on the plaque but without that spirit and the unstinting efforts of so many members of the Association and the Sports Clubs, the project would have come to nought – you made it the success it was.

Who knows? In the years to come, there could well be another plaque adorning the walls of the bar.

It was a truly special day; we thank you all.

Jim Cosgrave and Brian Leary.

Presidents Lunch 10th September 2011

Below are a selection of photo’s taken at the first President’s Lunch and the official opening of the Loyola Ground.

Family Day 27th August 2011

Below are a few photo’s from the Family Day.

Our aim is for this page to contain a selection of photos from Old Ignatians past and present. If you have any photo’s you’d like to share please email them with a short description to

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